Basic information


"Luka d.d. Split" is market oriented company that in accordance with priority concession agreement perform port activities in the area of the North Port of Split. Main activities of the company "Luka d.d. Split" are performed on the total area of 198.072 m2, majority of this area under concesion has the status of Free Zone.
Favorable geografical location and traffic position, with the nearby A1 Zagreb-Split highway, are the essences of our successfull conduct. Port of Split is well connected with many of Mediterranean hub-ports and World wide destinations. Long port tradition of this region is improved with modern wharehousing equipment, the continuous trend of further modernisation and magnification of integral ways of transport are the backbone of successfull continuation of this tradition.
Company "Luka d.d. Split" is a dynamic unity with continuous process of modernisation regarding environment prevention and protection.

Copmany Consult-invest d.o.o., with 35.66% of total number of shares, is a major shareholder of "Luka d.d. Split" .